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Nigel Petrie WTAC 2013

Here’s one from the archives which never made it to print, so to speak.

It’s no secret that Nigel Petrie’s 180sx is one of our favorite cars to shoot, and even more so one of our favorite cars to look at. Even when slightly out of focus this car looks damn good.

Gravy Garage at Rad Times

This is something of a very basic appreciation post for the guys from Gravy Garage. As you have probably noticed from the black and gold blurs posted here over last week these guys had a very solid presence at Rad Times with three of their crew out. As a result I have lots of photos of them.  It’s fair to say that these guys absolutely nail the idea of a drift team with matching paint, liveries and all round feel of their cars.

Below is a collective of some unseen photos of the guys from Gravy Garage at Rad Times as well as the best photos posted over the past week!

Like seeing content of individual teams? Let me know in the comments!

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Secretdrift July Rad Times Part 3

Here’s the third and final installment of photos from Secretdrift Rad Times. I have one more post coming up next week dedicated to Gravy Garage who had a fairly serious presence at this event with three of their cars out. If you have any opinion on the photos, love em or hate em let let us hear it in the comments!

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Secretdrift July Rad Times Part 2

More Photos from from Secretdrift Rad Times held at Queensland Raceway Short Track!

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Secretdrift July Rad Times Part 1

Often the greatest drifting events aren’t necessarily filled with big name drivers or high end builds. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of like-minded guys who take huge pride in their cars and are just out to have some fun and show off to a crowd. Rad Times is the perfect example of such an event. Hosted by Secretdrift at Queensland Raceway’s short track this little event pours out the action. More photos to come tomorrow!

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Cooly Rocks on 2015

Cooly Rocks On is one of few events that that I make an exception for that doesn’t necessarily involve Japanese or Drifting car culture. Hosted in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, this annual event brings together some of Eastern Australia’s most dedicated 50’s and 60’s nostalgia nuts. And with it comes some amazing examples of love for the automotive.

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Jap Nats 2015

Described as a “mini Matsuri” Jap Nats 2015 held at Queensland Raceway most definitely lived up to its title. This event ran across two days which included Time Attack Challenges on the Saturday and a full day of drifting on Sunday. This is the first time in 7 months that I had decided to take my car out for drifting, so as you can imagine there wasn’t much time to be taking photos, but I still managed to get a few snaps of some select cars from the day. Enjoy!

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Drifting from World Time Attack Challenge in 2013

Many avid follows of Excitement! Car Magazine may have noticed that I didn’t actually post many photos of the drifting from World Time Attack Challenge back in 2013. I’m sorry to say that back when I shot the event I didn’t feel creatively fulfilled from the photos I had taken. This is part of the reason that last year I had decided I wanted to shoot only video. As refreshing as that was, I’m feeling very motivated this year to try something new with my photography.

For now, here’s a couple of my better shots that no got to see in 2013.

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Brice Hiranaka’s 1UZ KE70

The most amazing thing about being involved in car culture in the digital world is the possibility to make friends with those from different countries and cultures who share the same passion. In the last decade our world has seemingly become much smaller, and our circle of friends much bigger. Several weeks ago I took a Holiday to see the beautiful islands of Hawaii which was easily one of my most favorite places I have ever been. I’ll spare you the details, but if you feel like seeing other photos from my trip check out

During this trip, I took the opportunity to meet up with my long term friend and fellow KE70 owner; Brice Hiranaka. I also couldn’t resist getting some photos of his Corolla to bring back to show you guys. It was also a cool experience to jump in the driver seat of a LHD ke70!

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WTAC & Formula D | Sydney Motorsport Park | 2014

For World Time Attack Challenge this year, instead of collecting several thousand photos to edit I decided I would try my hand at crafting a video to sum up the event. With an amazing amount of activity in the pits and on the track I couldn’t be happier with the result. There were some outstanding cars entered in both WTAC and Formula D with equally impressive drivers to match.

I have a few good bits of footage I have not used yet, so there may be some potential for some more clips from the event, but for now I hope this one gives you exactly what it felt like to be amongst the crazy world that is WTAC!

– Grant

WTAC & Formula D | Sydney Motorsport Park | 2014 from Excitement! Car Magazine on Vimeo.

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