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We’re going to print!

So here it is, we want to print an issue of Excitement! Car Magazine and we want your input! We’re looking to schedule a release of either a printed magazine or photo book in November 2016 as a wrap up for the entire year (and a little bit more).

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MCA Hammerhead V2

Over the past few years of covering World Time Attack Challenge we have usually brought you pretty general coverage from the weekend, however this year I thought it would be worth while taking a more in depth look at one of the top competing cars at WTAC – the MCA Suspension Hammerhead Version 2. Piloted by the seasoned Shane Van Gisbergan of V8 Supercar fame the MCA team was an unstoppable force over the entire 2015 weekend.

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Matsuri 2015 Taste

Here’s a quick look at of some of the footage we took during the big trains at the 2015 Queensland Raceway Matsuri. Looking forward to putting a larger vid together soon!

Matsuri 2015 Taste from Excitement! Car Magazine on Vimeo.

So Matsuri was pretty awesome

Easily one of my favorite events of the year, Matsuri did not disappoint. I was driving all weekend with a relentlessly reliable SR20DET which I didn’t want to get away from, but I got some key photo throughout the weekend. I’ll be making a post of all the awesome things I spotted in the coming weeks!

Matsuri 2014

Here’s our in car footage from Matsuri 2014. We’ve released this just in time to get you super pumped for Matsuri 2015!

Matsuri 2014 from Excitement! Car Magazine on Vimeo.

YZ Circuit – The unseen photos

So here they are – the photos you haven’t seen from our trip to meet MotorFIX at their YZ circuit Sokokai in 2011. I never published any of these photos so this is completely fresh content. At the time they were the unwanted shots, the duplicates, the off cuts, the not in-focus enoughs. For whatever reason it seemed like a better idea to leave these shots out. Now looking back at the photos from four years ago I’m happy I didn’t post these as it’s given me a reason to go through them all again. I’ve taken particular care to not post any photos too similar to the original post, so I’m hoping you’ll see a different perspective of this event that hasn’t been shown until now.

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2015 Shannons Nationals

Of all the events I attend Shannons Nationals is one of the very few non-drifting events that I can’t wait to come around every year. I have a huge love for circuit racing but it depends greatly on the category for me to be really excited about it. This is the reason I love Shannons Nationals so much – there is a huge variety of exciting categories including Porsche GT3 cup cars, Formula 3, Formula Ford and Kerrick Sports Sedans, just to name a few. The entire series is run over 8 rounds, one of which happens to be at our local track Queensland Raceway where I spent the day shooting on the 8th of August. Read on and check out all my photos from the day!

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The Mad Bullant

Back in 2013 I was given the amazing opportunity to shoot several cars for the renowned Japanese drifting magazine, Drift Tengoku. It’s safe to say that this was well and truly a dream come true for me. I couldn’t just pick any particular cars however – the brief that was given to me was to find cars that were ‘uniquely Australian’ as the editor wanted to show their Japanese readers something they had never seen before. Enter Roger Callan’s LS powered MX83 Cressida. This car was the perfect choice; an Australian delivered Cressida was to be a rare sight in a country saturated with Chaser, Cresta and Mark II drift cars. That combined with the choice of engine in this particular Cressida made for a very unique sight for the Japanese audience.

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Drift Fest Zero 3 at Raleigh Raceway

There’s no denying we appreciate our own photos more as time passes by. We love seeing old photos because they conjure up memories that may not have seemed as important at the time of taking them. Admittedly, the photos you are about to see I had completely forgotten about until I recently found them in a draft of this post. The photos seemed somewhat bland at the time but now I look back and they remind me of each amazing moment during that weekend in 2014.

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Sunsets and Porsches

Spent the majority of the day today at Queensland Raceway taking photos of the Shannons Nationals. I absolutely love going to this event for the variety and the quality of the circuit cars that can be seen there. A particular favorite is to watch the stunning Porsches of the GT3 Cup Challenge. This is just a teaser for now but I’ll be putting up a variety of content from this event over the next week or two.