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ASBK Superbike Championships

So I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who have no interest whatsoever in motorbikes, if so feel free to tune out now. For those that do, here’s a few little interesting shots from the Australian Superbikes held at QR this weekend.

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Not so General Practice


It’s always great to experience something a little different to what you’re used to when it comes to motorsport. Just this weekend, I got a chance to do just that when I visited a general practice sprint day at Queensland Raceway. I was accompanying one of my oldest friends, Tim Hamilton, who competes in the Formula Ford series in Australia. Tim, who previously competed in the Formula Vee series, was up for his first practice day of the year in the Ford and was simply planning for some seat time to get back into the swing of things. In addition to Tim’s Formula Ford being on track there were some other very interesting open wheelers including some Formula 3′s being tested by Gilmour Racing as well as some very competitive go karts. I’m not even joking, check out our Instagram feed to see a video of the Madness of the F3′s weaving through the go karts.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Day

Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Day from Excitement! Car Magazine on Vimeo.

Yup, I know what you’re thinking; it’s Excitement CAR Magazine, not Excitement Bike Magazine.
Well, it’s fair to say in this life that we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves to a single hobby, and while cars and drifting are still the major passion in my life, I have been gaining a massive interest in sports bikes as of late.

Recently I had an opportunity to borrow a good friend’s 5D Mark II HD DSLR, so I figured what better excuse than a QR Moto Ride day to get out and do some filming.

Considering the over saturation of drifting media these days, it felt very refreshing to shoot something that is isn’t so commonly covered. So if you enjoyed this as much as I did, let me know and I’ll get some more happening soon!

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Pour a 40 to the curb


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Matsuri 2013

I miss the 2013 Queensland Raceway Matsuri already; having been one of the few events I have had a chance to drive at this year it has undoubtedly been my favorite. While I cannot wait for the 2014 Matsuri, with my newly installed SR20det I’m excited for whatever events come my way before the year ends.

This video starts with a time lapse of friends and I removing my 4agze and then installing the SR20det. I wish I could say it really went that quickly, but I can definitely say it was worth the wait.

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Get Excited for Drifting!

Mad Mike drifting his Red Bull Rx-7 During the Tecaloy International Drift Challenge

Gonna have photos of some very rad drifting coming up in the next few days. Get excited!

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World Time Attack Challenge 2013

World Time Attack Challenge_MG_8070

World Time Attack Challenge; my favorite event of the year and quite possibly the best event I have ever attended. For me, 2013 marked my third year in a row of seeing the groundbreaking machines, brilliant drivers, trade stalls and all the other amazing things that make this event every bit the experience it is. There is so much to WTAC that keeps me coming back each year, and I’m already eager for the 2014 event.

This year I took a much more relaxed approach to shooting WTAC, only taking the shots that I really wanted to get. In the next few days I will have another post covering the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, for the mean time though, check out all my coverage below of the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge.

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Nob Taniguchi | 2013 World Time Attack Challenge


I love the World Time Attack Challenge so much. This event is a brilliant mix of the most amazing drivers in the world with some of the most outstanding machines of our time. This is my third year in a row of shooting the WTAC and I already cannot wait to visit the 2014 event especially with drivers such as Nobuteru Taniguchi driving the Bachuss Energy Drink Lexus IS-F. I seriously cannot get over the V8 grumble that comes from this car.

I’ll have plenty of photos of both the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge as well as the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge over the next couple of weeks!

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2013 QR Matsuri Teaser

A quick teaser to the mayhem from the 2013 Matsuri. Footage includes Neil Gregson in his LS Ke70, Roger Callan in his LS Cressida and myself in my SR20det Ae71.

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What Does Your Matsuri Prep Look Like?


Quite literally hundreds of Queensland drifters are working extra late into the nights this week, all for one particular event; the Queensland Raceway Drift Matsuri. This annual event allows drivers to drift to their hearts content across two whole days. An event of this size requires a lot of preparation. Many people like myself have been working hard on their cars these past couple of weeks, and will more than likely be working each day this week in the lead up to the event to ensure their cars will last.

So, with many drivers rushing to have their cars prepared for this weekend, a thought comes to my mind. How awesome would be to display a photo collective of each drivers preparation in the lead up to Matsuri. Over the next few days I will create an album on the Excitement! Car Magazine Facebook for photos of cars being prepared for Matsuri that have been submitted by their drivers. Ultimately I would love to see a photo of each entrant’s car in the collective!

For those that want to be a part of it, take a photo that captures what your Matsuri preparation looks like.

The photo doesn’t need to be amazing, but it needs to be of your car that is being driving at this years QR Matsuri, and has to have been taken this week (or at least within the last few weeks). Your car might be in pieces, it might be on its way back together, or for some lucky people it might be complete and waiting patiently for its big day. Whatever the case, take a photo of what your car currently looks like and send it through to the Excitement! Car Magazine Facebook page at least 1000px wide.

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Around the Block

I love driving this car. Even if it’s just around the block.

Everyone has been busy getting ready for the Queensland Raceway Matsuri next weekend, and my story is no different. Thankfully there has been very little that I have had to complete in preparation for the event, although it could be said that it has taken me a full year to prepare for it. As, with the exception of a shakedown at a Friday night drive event recently, last year’s Matsuri was the last time I drifted my car. Having spent the past year putting an S14 SR20DET into my Ae71 Corolla, I’m very excited to take it to a proper event like Matsuri to feel the benefits of all my hard work.

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Shannon’s Nationals at Queensland Raceway


It’s not hard to tell from one look at Excitement! Car Magazine that I love Japanese cars and in particular, drifting. Hell, it’s written into the actual logo. It’s definitely my passion and my preference to shoot, but I always keep an open mind for other genres of car culture, especially when it comes to circuit racing. On the 3rd of August I got a chance to head up and check out some amazing classes of cars participating in the 2013 Shannon’s Nationals including the Kerrick Sports Sedans Series, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge and the Australian GT Championship.

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Early Mornings at Queensland Raceway


What’s your favorite type of drift day? A pro level competition or drifting demo? Maybe even a grassroots competition? Well for the many people that regularly attend Queensland Raceway Morning Sessions, their idea of the perfect drift day is letting loose on the track with no restrictions, no competitions; just hours of drifting fun to push your car as hard as you want.

Sound fun? I thought so!

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The 86s of D1GP


Since its launch in 2011 the Toyota 86 has taken the world by storm, firmly placing itself as the most esteemed Japanese sports cars in the last decade. You might stop there for a sec and say “Hang on, what about the R35 GT-R?” or “Why not the Lexus LF-A?” There is no doubt in my mind that these Japanese cars and many others are amazing machines, well worth recognition, but compared to the Toyota 86 no other car has managed to win over owners of its predecessor, who have had 3 decades of unrivaled passion for the Toyota Ae86, with such ferocity. In addition to this, The Toyota 86 is a car for the people; a budget car that doesn’t come the price tag making it unreachable for 95% of the people who desire it. It truly is fair to call the Toyota 86 the perfect sports car.

Well, while examples of the Toyota 86, and its brethren; the Subaru BRZ, have been popping up left, right and center here in Australia, popularity for these cars have absolutely taken over in Japan, especially when it comes to events such as D1GP Round 1 in Osaka. Seeing as I’m such a nice guy, I decided to bring back some photos of these many amazing machines that I spotted on track and off, so here they are:

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The New Archerfield

Archerfield Super Sunday-21

“Archerfield…” I hear you groan while reading this. Yes, it’s no secret that this small little drift track has not been looked upon too favorably in the past few years. While the track has always had an abundance of people religiously attending its events, there has been variety of issues causing many people to steer clear of the track entirely, myself included. For a while it began to look like Archerfield would always be a track with a tainted image. That was, until Scott Nelson from TPR Media was asked to step in and change things up.

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Kyusha Style GC210 Skyline at D1GP


For those of you who read my recent feature on D1GP Round 1 in Osaka, this car may have grabbed your interest. It is a style of car build that would be very familiar to some, for others it may be a very distant and unknown. This particular car is a GC210 Skyline which has been built in a style known as Kyusha Kai, or Classic Car Group. It is often referred to as Bosozoku Style, however my understanding is that this label is very akin to calling someone a hoon for owning a drift car, so as many drifters in Australia could understand, it’s not a pretty term to use.

I don’t have much information on the car, but it was definitely a highlight of my day spotting it, so here are all the photos I took of it.

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New Portfolio – Grant Scott


While Excitement! Car Magazine has primarily been, and always will be, a publication dedicated to promoting our Automotive Culture and the passion that comes from it, many of you may have noticed lately I have been forming parts of it into a portfolio of sorts to promote myself as an automotive photojournalist.

I have created a new portfolio page on Excitement! that shows my best work from a variety of features and events including D1GP in Osaka this year, a MotorFIX Sokokai held at YZ Circuit, Gifu in 2011, World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney for the past few years and possibly most importantly some of my favorite events held right here in Queensland, Australia. I have been privileged to experience these different events in a vast amount of locations and have met some amazing people along the way. Automotive culture has been my passion for my entire life, and I intend to continue sharing it wherever I can.

On that topic, I want to mention the invaluable people who have helped build Excitement! Car Magazine when I first debuted the publication; Josh Dobrik, Courtney McColgan, Chez Watts, Cooper Macmillan, Henry Phan, Kory Leung, Misko Martinovic and Sean Jarzynka. While the content being published currently and in the future on Excitement! Car Magazine is purely my own, each of these people have previously contributed in content and support in varying degrees.

I’m very excited to display my best work on a large scale. So if you are a potential client, or if you purely wish to see what I consider my best photographs I have taken in my career, head over to my portfolio page:





If you love the content you see on Excitement! Car Magazine, please share it as much as possible! I feel so much love from everyone following and supporting me here, so thanks so much to all of you!

You can also keep tabs of my latest work through the following channels found on the top of the page:
PUBLISHEDMy Work Previously Published in Printed or Online Magazines
PROJECTS - My Projects Relating to Automotive Culture
VIMEO CHANNEL - Videos from drifting events as well as documentary videos on drifters and people in the drifting community


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D1GP Round 1 at Maishima Osaka 2013


If you were to think of one automotive event that you have to see in your lifetime what would it be? Go on, think about it. It could be something as prestigious as a Formula 1 round, or even an annual event in your own country. Whatever it may be, I want you to ask yourself these questions; when do you think you will see this event in your life? What’s stopping you from going to see it? For myself, D1GP has always been that event; an event that I have always wanted to see, and yet it always seemed as though it would never happen. Well earlier this year, it just so happened that I managed to see that event; Round 1 of D1GP held at Maishima Sports Island in Osaka.

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Featured on Argus – In That Moment

I’m very proud to announce that my work covering the life of a drifter has recently been featured on one of Australia’s top Photojournalism publications; Argus.

For this body of work to happen I owe a large amount of thanks to my good friend Jason Murray who let me follow him around for 6 months of his life. I’m proud of this achievement and I’m planning to continue this type of work covering different drifters so that those inside and outside our culture can all have a better view on who we are.

ARGUS FEATURE: In That Moment – A Look Into The Life of a Drifter


There are some aspects of car culture that are rarely shown in a positive light. Drifting, and in particular the youths involved in drifting, are often seen in a negative light, and it is rare to see positive coverage of this culture.

Jason Murray has been drifting for seven years. My story is an in-depth look into what this culture means to one individual, and how this culture is his life, rather than a mere hobby.

The title “In That Moment” refers to the moment of euphoria felt whilst driving. This makes the problems in life seem completely insignificant. There is a constant battle between this rush and the life we are all expected to live, which can become a cage of sorts.


You can continue to view this projects as I complete them on my projects section of Excitement! Car Magazine. Please be sure to also like the video on Vimeo, as well as follow my Vimeo Channel!

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Published Work – Drift Tengoku

Roger Callan, Drifting, Short Track, QR, mx83, LS

As some of you may already know, several months back I was very privileged to have my work published in the world renowned Japanese Drifting Magazine; Drift Tengoku. The feature cars were Roger Callan’s insane LS powered Cressida as well as Kiwi Tim’s BA XR6 Turbo Ford Falcon; two car builds which stand out in Australia, yet would be completely unthinkable in Japan. All photos published in the article were my own including shots from the first 2013 Rad Times event.

Many thanks to Alexi Smith from for writing the article as well as organizing the feature with the Drift Tengoku staff.

Doriten 001

Doriten 003&004

Doriten 004&005

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